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Where the story begins..

Where the story begins..

'Dreams are there to become true.'

1,5 year ago, I fell in love with a jewellery brand, designed in Byron Bay Australia - F+H Jewellery. I couldn’t believe the collection of this brand was nowhere to find close to Europe. From that time it got stuck in my head that I really wanted to do something with this amazing brand. 

I received my first batch of jewellery 2 months ago when we were on Bali, shooting for magazines. I instantly fell even more in love with all the designs, the gemstones and the freshwater pearls. Edgy, masculine designs with a soft female touch. Each and every piece with its own unique details. 

I fully support the values of the brand; No mass production, no new collections every season – just adding pieces to the collection, be sustainable where ever possible and designs that are made with the highest quality and the best naturel gemstones and freshwater pearls. Also all the jewellery are made in small batches, this way over-supply will be avoided and there will be no waist of valuable resources. 

So, I finally did what was already in my head for over 1,5 year. I am bringing this ‘far away brand’ closer to us! F+H Jewellery featured by La Perle Sauvage. 
'A pearl that will only grow and be more unique, when you just let it be wild.' 

Picture credits

Photographer Ellen van Bennekom
Hair- and make-up Judith Neyens
Model Rianne Haspels


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